Best Online Quran Memorization Plans:

Keeping the students’ capabilities into consideration, we emphasize on personalized Quran memorization schedules as it is essential to let students achieve what they are capable of.

We have designed different plans according to our students’ feasibility. For instance: Our plans to memorize Surah Al-Baqarah of the Quran are customized depending on your ability to finish this surah in 2 to 5 months.

Our plans to memorize the whole Quran are customized according to your memorization per day. It will end anywhere between 10 to 37 months.

Weekly Progress Reports:

We are mindful of the fact that assessment is very important in the long-term journey of Hifz Al-Quran.

We assess students regularly and keep a check on the errors. If the previous lesson has flaws, the student isn’t given the new verses to memorize.

That is why at Our Quran hifz school, we generate weekly progress reports for all the adults and the parents so that they are kept well aware of their child’s headway.

Monthly Competitions: 

To boost up the morale of our students and to motivate them to keep up their best efforts to become Quran Hafiz, we conduct competitions among students of the Online Hifz Quranprogram

Quran memorization competition is announced months earlier with full details of Surah/juz names to let students prepare the best they could.

Quran Hifz Certificates: 

We appreciate the hard work of our students by rewarding them. The toppers are presented with gifts as well.

We present cash prizes too for the best students overall as it is important to keep them on track.

At the end of this course, all the regular students are given Quran memorization certificates. These certificates could be later used by them if they wish to apply as online Hifz tutors.



Regular Hifz Tests and Quizzes:

To keep a thorough check on our students’ ongoing progress, we assess them through quizzes and Quran memorization tests online.

Hifz students are evaluated through different test styles to check their fluency in Quran hifz. They are given ayahs from the beginning, middle or end to continue recitation.

Quran memorization tests are meant to keep our students focused and alert by practicing to revise their lessons properly and with accuracy.

Rewards of Memorizing the Quran:

Hazrat Ayesha (peace and blessings of Allah be upon her) narrated that the prophet (PBUH) said:

“the person who reads the Quran and has the memory of it, then his position will be with the most gracious angels and the one, who read the Quran and tries to memorize it, but he has a hard problem, then he has a double reward.” (Bukhari)

How Quran memorization online works:

You need a computer, a fast internet connection and a pair of microphone headset. This is a great opportunity for you to learn the Hifz Quran in your heart or the heart of your children. Previously it was not very convenient to Hifz Quran. Now you can use this online platform at home, whenever you want, and under the guidance of a Qualified Hafiz e Quran teacher. The main focus of the online Qur’an memorization course is to complete Allah ‘s book memorization with extreme accuracy in the shortest time.

We ‘re offering the best way to memorize the Quran online. You ‘re going to attend lectures by staying at home. Students from all over the world, such as USA, Canada, Uk, and others, can join us in the memorization class. We do offer free training lessons for all new students. These classes will help you get acquainted with our teaching method and course. If you feel satisfied with us, you should register with us for regular classes.

Our course is very inexpensive, and any student can afford it. Our staff is trained and reliable. We offer our students a very pleasant and friendly learning environment. Each student feels relaxed and convenient. So, please contact us today and continue your Hifz Quran course with us.

Quran Memorization Course


Our online Hifz Quran course is designed to help students (adults and children) understand the entire or part of the Holy Quran. Our expert and skilled huffaz have ijazas to help each student attain their memorization goal.

We have experienced teachers who teach students the online Hifz Quran course. The teachers are very cooperative and support every student to achieve their memorization goals. Our training method is simple and easy. Therefore, in a very short time, the students can memorize the Quran.

We ‘re teaching everyone this memorizing course. Kids and adults are allowed to start the Hifz course with us. Children can memorize things better than adults can do. We, therefore, encourage parents to help children memorize the book of Allah. We can teach you according to your schedule.

Fee Structure

Plan Duration Class Per Week Class Per Month USA$ (Per Month) Euro€ (Per Month) Pound£ (Per Month)
Plan 1 Hour 6 26 $100 €92 £80
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