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Meet our esteemed Islamic teacher,Qari Muhammad Rifat , a dedicated and compassionate educator who imparts the profound wisdom of the Quran and Islamic teachings to our students at Al-Fatima Quran Academy. With a deep reverence for Islamic principles and a wealth of knowledge.

Drawing from Qari Muhammad Rifat‘s extensive background in Islamic studies and his profound connection to the faith, he creates an enriching learning environment that encourages students to engage, question, and reflect upon the teachings of Islam. He believes in nurturing a strong foundation of understanding and respect for the Quran, while also fostering critical thinking and open dialogue about its timeless messages.

Qari Muhammad Rifat  possesses a remarkable ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and relatable manner, making the study of the Quran and Islamic courses accessible to students of all levels. His patience and approachability make him a cherished mentor, guiding students through the verses of the Quran with a deep understanding of their historical context and spiritual significance.

In addition to his mastery of the Quran, Qari Muhammad Rifat  is well-versed in various Islamic disciplines, allowing him to offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers not only the scriptures but also Islamic history, ethics, jurisprudence, and spirituality. He integrates modern teaching methods with traditional wisdom, ensuring that our students not only gain knowledge but also develop a profound connection to their faith.

In Qari Muhammad Rifat , we are truly blessed to have a teacher who imparts the beauty and wisdom of the Quran and Islamic teachings with unparalleled dedication and authenticity.

Children's Well-being

  • DOB
    April 22, 1989
  • Education
    Master In Islamic Studies
  • Experience
    15 years

Qualification :

Have Done Dars-E-Nizami From Darul 'Uloom Karachi

Done Specialization in Islamic Correspondence.   (Islamic FIQH)

Done Master In Islamic Studies.

Providing Service :

He Has been Delivering Lecture of Tafseer Quran since last 20 Years.

He Has Been Giving Lecture on Islamic FIQH.

He is Specialized in Hifz ul Quran course

He Has Been Conducting Trainings on Islmaic Banking.

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