Quran Memorization

Qari Muhammad Rifat

Meet our esteemed Islamic teacher,Qari Muhammad Rifat , a dedicated and compassionate educator who imparts the profound wisdom of the Quran and Islamic teachings to our students at Al-Fatima Quran Academy. With a deep reverence for Islamic principles and a wealth of knowledge. Drawing from Qari Muhammad Rifat‘s extensive background in Islamic studies and his profound […]

Mufti Hamza Ahmed Siddiqiue

I am humbled to introduce myself as the founder of Al-Fatima Quran Academy, a place of profound learning and spiritual discovery. My name is Mufti Hamza Ahmed Siddique, and my journey to establish this academy has been driven by a deep-rooted passion for sharing the beauty and wisdom of Islam with the world. My connection […]

Allama Hamza Ahmed

In this world, providing Quran education to the children is a big problem for parents. They either can’t hire the Quran teachers, or they don’t have any tajweed teachers near their homes, so they don’t make their children Quran literate. With all these issues in mind, we’re here to help. We have a group of […]

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