Exploring the Depths of Divine Wisdom: Tafseer-e-Quran Course

Learn Quran Tafseer in Urdu with our Online Quran Academy. We are the top institute to teach you Quran Tafsir. In this course, you will not only learn the meanings of the verses but also understand their hidden meanings. This is the best option for you to understand Islam. The Quran has the commands of Allah S.W.T. So understanding those commands is only possible if we read Tafsir Quran. The course will not give you the scholarly views but you can understand the Book of Allah very well. You will get a deep understanding of beliefs, and Commands of Allah.


Embark on a profound journey of understanding and enlightenment with our comprehensive Tafseer-e-Quran course. Guided by seasoned scholars and experts in Islamic theology, this course delves deep into the intricate layers of the Holy Quran, unraveling its meanings, interpretations, and timeless wisdom. Whether you’re a novice seeking to grasp the fundamental teachings of the Quran or a scholar aspiring to refine your understanding, this course offers an enriching and enlightening experience for learners of all levels.

Course Overview:

The Tafseer-e-Quran course is meticulously designed to provide participants with a well-rounded comprehension of the Quranic text. It aims to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of the Quran and its relevance in the contemporary world. The course is structured to cover the following key aspects:

Introduction to Tafseer:

  • Understand the significance of Tafseer and its role in interpreting the Quran.
  • Explore the historical development of Tafseer and major schools of thought.


Methodology and Approaches:

  • Learn about different Tafseer methodologies, including linguistic, historical, and thematic approaches.
  • Gain insights into the various tools and references used in Tafseer studies.


Understanding Revelation (Asbab al-Nuzul):

  • Explore the contextual background of Quranic revelations to grasp the intended meanings.
  • Discover how historical events influenced the revelations and their interpretations.


Exploring Quranic Themes:

  • Examine recurring themes such as mercy, justice, guidance, and social ethics.
  • Uncover the Quran’s perspective on human relationships, morality, and spirituality.


In-Depth Analysis of Selected Verses:

  • Engage in a detailed study of selected verses, unraveling layers of meaning through linguistic and thematic analysis.
  • Grasp the nuances and implications of verses related to faith, worship, and life’s purpose.


Contemporary Relevance:

  • Discuss the applicability of Quranic teachings in today’s complex world.
  • Address modern challenges and ethical dilemmas in light of Quranic principles.


Interpretation Variations:

  • Understand the diversity of interpretations within the Islamic tradition.
  • Respectfully explore differing viewpoints and their scholarly foundations.


Interactive Discussions and Reflection:

  • Participate in group discussions, debates, and Q&A sessions with instructors and fellow learners.
  • Reflect on personal insights and applications of the Quranic teachings.


Final Project:

  • Engage in a guided research project or presentation, delving into a specific aspect of Tafseer or a chosen Quranic theme.


Significance of Tafseer Course

Tafseer of the Holy Quran is considered to be the most significant science of the Quran. Since the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah. So without learning Quran Tafseer, mankind will have no accurate understanding of different verses and surahs of the Quran. Taking a tafseer course helps the students understand what Quran demands to us for living a life according to the directions given by Allah Almighty. Translation gives the literal meanings of the verses and learning Quran translation does resolve the issue of learning the verbal meanings of the Quran. On the other hand, Tafseer provides the knowledge regarding the context and the purpose of the specific verses. If a believer wants to explore the Divine message in detail, then it can be achieved by learning tafseer through tafseer course.

Why Us?

Our teachers are very well experienced and vigilant towards delivering of the knowledge of Quran through various courses. These courses include Quran with tajweed, Translation of Quran, Quran for kids. You can have a look at all our courses here. You can opt for three days free trial classes for tafseer course. Or simply enroll yourself today and explore the oceans of knowledge shared in the Holy Book.

Online Tafseer ul Quran course offers the following modules:

Meaning of verses
Explanation of verses
Shaan-e-Nuzool (Context)
Rabt between Surahs
Explanation of Surahs
Understanding of Rulings
Application of Rulings
Usul Tafsir
Hadis references


Enroll in the Tafseer-e-Quran course to cultivate a profound understanding of the Quran's message, wisdom, and its timeless relevance in navigating the complexities of our world. Whether you seek personal spiritual growth or wish to contribute to the broader discourse on Islamic teachings, this course provides a comprehensive platform to embark on an enlightening journey through the depths of divine knowledge.

Fee Structure

Plan Duration Class Per Week Class Per Month USA$ (Per Month) Euro€ (Per Month) Pound£ (Per Month)
Plan A 1 Hours 3 12 $100 €93 £82
Group 1 Hours 3 12 $70 €65 £57
Weekend 1 Hour 2 8 $80 €74 £66

Course Features

  • Online classes
  • 3 days free trial
  • Certified and experienced teacher
  • Flexible timing
  • Regular assessment
  • One to one session
  • Female tutors for female students
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